Details about Project Arcana

Link to the d20 srd: Modern D20

Link to the d20 srd 2 (in case the first doesn’t work): Modern D20

A quick explanation on how Action points work: Action Points

This “mini”-campaign will mix both Modern D20 and Pathfinder, with the Arcana book being “unlocked” later through the story.

A few modifications will be applied to the D20 system:

  • No wealth system, we’ll use cash.
  • Certain skills, like spot and listen will be merged to resemble Pathfinder’s skill system, that will also make it so that we apply the rank rules from Pathfinder. +3 on a trained class-skill, no half-ranks on cross-class skills, and max ranks = level. Gather Info, Forgery and Concentration cease to exist as well.
  • Since the Arcana part will only be unlocked later, players are free to start preparing their characters from the get go. Feats, talents and skills that might help their later classes can be picked from the start, as long as the character has the requisites, but they won’t have any effect until Arcana comes into play. For example, putting points on Spellcraft can be done, but the skill itself will be useless for a while.
  • No Reputation either, it’s a rather useless mechanic. It’ll be applied the same way it is in DnD and Pathfinder, through common sense.
  • Characters are high-schoolers, and that naturally means that they are limited in obvious ways. Also, If your character has any training with weapons or guns, it has to be justified. The son of a police-officer would likely know how to handle a hand-gun, whereas a civilian wouldn’t.
  • As all players will be sophomores, we’ll assume you already know eachother. As for NPCs, all known NPCs will be visible from the get go, whether the players merely heard of them for being popular in school, or because they’re part of the staff.
  • As the starting occupations go, the “mandatory” one is Student for obvious reasons, however, players may want their characters to focus on something else, maybe their character aims to be a pro-athlete or a musician and has had training since an early age. While this can be done by focusing on those skills, you can pick a secondary occupation to give more of a personal touch to your character. Should the skill choice overlap, add that +1 to the corresponding skill. As for the wealth bonus, since we won’t be using the wealth system, it’ll translate into a small boost to your weekly “pay-check”.
  • Your characters will have ways of earning money. Either through a part-time job, a weekly transaction from your family, or a sort of “scholarship”. It’ll be enough to keep the characters fed, unless you live with your family you will have to spend money on food for the week.
  • Once the MMO characters come into play, simply add their name, class, race and a general description on your chara’s bio.
  • MMO charas will start at lvl 1, main characters at level 5. Feel free to prepare your characters for Urban Arcana as you progress and build them, but keep in mind, once more, the content will take a few sessions to unlock,

While not obligatory, it’s strongly recommended to pick a Pathfinder class that matches the interests or the D20 character. A Martial Artist would benefit a lot from having a Monk character, but if the character picked a caster for its Pathfinder character, the MA would still receive bonuses. So there’s enough freedom to pick anything.

Tip, try to pick a useful crafting skill for your MMO character.

Info on the setting will be placed on the wiki, and a map of the school-grounds will be provided via Skype.

Any relevant information will later be added.

Project Arcana

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