Hanei Kurokawa


Name: Hanei Kurokawa
Age: 17
Class: 2-B
Club: -


Hanei has a bright and cheerful personality, which helps her making friends easily. Even though she’s athletic, she has consistently refused to join any clubs, preferring to keep her schedule free to do as she pleases. Hanei is seen by some people as sloppy, due to her common habit of running to school in the morning (usually arriving at the last minute, or a minute too late), and spending the morning sleeping in the classroom, to a point where the teachers themselves have given up on trying to wake her up before lunch time. During the afternoon, however, she’s focused enough on her classes to make up for it somehow, which still only ends up landing her mediocre passing grades (which she’s fine with).

Outside of school, Hanei loves partying and living her life to the fullest. However, she was never seen with any boyfriends, and has turned down all confessions given to her, claiming that she’d rather “be free”.

Strangely, Hanei and her sister Yumi seem not to talk to or about each other much at school, leaving many to wonder if they get along at all. Because of this, and due to the drastic differences in their physical appearance, many still find themselves surprised when they learn that they’re related.

Yumi and her belong to a wealthy family, and live in a rich western-style mansion, inherited from an European ancestor, and recently restored. Despite this, Hanei doesn’t seem to give any importance to the fact, and mingles with the rest of the school naturally.

Hanei Kurokawa

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