Hoishimaru Akamura "Shima"


Name: Hoishimaru Akamura
Age: 17
Class: 2-C
Club: Baseball


The confident star batter of the school’s baseball team, Shima is cheerful and friendly towards everyone around him, which contributed to his popularity. Whenever he’s playing, there’s always a crowd of both fans of his play skills and style (Hanei and Izanami are known to “fangirl” over his plays), and smitten females attracted by his looks and popularity.

Shima makes baseball his life, and dreams of joining the big leagues in a close future. He keeps himself busy at all times, exercising daily to stay in shape and in top condition. Many don’t doubt that talent hunters are already lurking just around the corner.

Hoishimaru Akamura "Shima"

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