Kohaku Kazegoru

Donovan's Waifu-to-be, Fast Hero


Name: Kohaku Kazegoru
Age: 17
Class: 2-A
Club: Track and Field


Kohaku was born in Iwotodai and soon after her 12th birthday she was pledged to marry Donovan Griph, a young lad from Scotland who she saw very few times, and from a few pictures. They met at the ceremony her Father, Toshiro KazeGoru performed in honor of both families.

Donovan lived with her family while his parents would make an office branching their company to Japan, and Donovan joined her class and eventually both became good friends.

When she was around sixteen years-old, Kohaku started having feelings for Donovan,which were mutual, and they started going out, and soon after they engaged in a serious relationship, bringing joy to both families.

Today she attends the Iwotodai High School in the same class as Donovan, and she also joins him at The MMO, playing Nanami, an Elf Rogue:


Kohaku Kazegoru

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