Matsumoto Masatoshi


Name: Matsumoto Masatoshi
Age: 17
Class: 2-C
Club: -
Project Arcana Game-Handle: Gilgamesh (Lvl 9 Human Inquisitor)



Matsumoto is the guy to go when you need information. Old friend with Hitomi and the others, Matsumoto always has the info you need, though his ways are a mystery.

A proper weasel, he can often be found “helping” the volley, tennis, and swimming clubs. His reasoning for not picking one being rather simple, he’s someone who “enjoys to help. If he was to pick a single club, how would he be able to help every girl after school”?

Matsumoto is carefree, flirty and often gets in trouble by hitting on girls, though he doesn’t really mind, as long as Azusa is the school’s nurse.

He can often be found hanging around school, especially the roof, playing his harmonica.

The only woman he fears is his sister, Mikasa, who he describes as being “the devil in a mini-skirt”.

Matsumoto Masatoshi

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