Rei Mitsuhide


Name: Rei Mitsuhide
Age: 27


Rei met Aoi one night after returning from a photoshoot. The famous idol was walking home when she saw Aoi being chased by a small Oni. After saving her and noticing that Aoi had a special gift, along with being aware of youkais, she took her under her wing.

Rei lives in area 1, in an apartment building she owns. She kept the penthouse to herself and loves to watch the beach at night.

Easy-going and cheerful, Rei never let fame get to her head. She’s extremely approachable and trusts in “Date-kun” more than she’ll let him know.

She’s proficient with pretty much any weapon, can use a little bit of ki, and knows how to bring out the gift in others.

Rei Mitsuhide

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