Yumi Kurokawa


Name: Yumi Kurokawa
Age: 18
Class: 3-D
Club: -


Yumi is a sharp-eyed beauty who, despite not being rude to anyone, sends away anyone who attempts to approach her, due to her cold and distant personality, giving away the impression that she’s simply not interested in other people. Academically, she excels in every subject and in every physical activity, which leaves others with an illusion of perfection. She has eventually (and unwillingly) become one of the school’s idols, due to her exotic beauty and outstanding skill, while still being virtually unapproachable, landing her the nickname of “Ice Queen”.

One of her favorite hobbies seems to be reading, and during lunch time, she’s often found by herself in the school’s campus, under the shadow of a large tree. Some have reportedly seen her in libraries during the weekend, also on her own. Otherwise, and like her sister, she hasn’t joined any clubs at school.

Strangely, Yumi and her sister Hanei seem not to talk to or about each other much at school, leaving many to wonder if they get along at all. Because of this, and due to the drastic differences in their physical appearance, many still find themselves surprised when they learn that they’re related.

Hanei and her belong to a wealthy family, and live in a rich western-style mansion, inherited from an European ancestor, and recently restored. And while Yumi doesn’t seem to give any importance to the fact, due to her apparent perfection (from another’s perception), she’s seen as being on a league of her own.

Yumi Kurokawa

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