Donovan Griph

Donovan (Don) Griph. a Transfer student from Scotland. His parents had to come work in Japan, so he came with them.


Strong Hero, Kendo Club Member.


Donovan Ludovin Griph, Feb 1st, 1996
“Don” was born in the small village of Applecross, in the northernmost regions of Scotland. When he was 12, his parents took him on a trip to Japan and during that time they introduced him to a japanese family as old friends of the family. They had several children, but all were way older than Don’ except for Kohaku, their youngest daughter, who was also 12.
The trip to Japan turned out to be a big change to Donovan, since was used to the green fields around Applecross, very different from the concrete paved streets of his new village. Donovan had to live with the Kazegorus for some time, until his parents were finished with the branching of their company to Japan.
Later he was accepted at Iwotodai Academy, and ended up having his friend Kohaku in the same classroom.

At Donovan’s 14th birthday both families, the Griphs and the Kazegoru began a ceremony that would bind Kohaku and Donovan’s future as pledged to each other. At first, Donovan didn’t understand this, but he let it go, as it was tradition within the family to marry their offspring to powerful families, such as the Kazegoru. Donovan and Kohaku got along pretty nicely, and around their sixteenth anniversary, they started seeing each other more often, despite them living in the same house, and that eventually moved on to a serious relationship. Today Donovan and Kohaku still live at the KazeGoru manor along with Donovan’s parents, and at their 18th anniversary they are get married. Personality: Donovan is a good person. Has his less calm moments but overall he’s someone who cares about others. Especially when helping fellow students survive bullying from some of the bandits at Iwotodai. He has a “protector of the weak” mind, per se.

Donovan likes:
- Messing around with computers
- Green fields – which remind him of Scotland
- Sword-fighting
- His fiancée Kohaku, ofc.
– Project Arcana

Donovan dislikes:

-People who abuse others, like bullies.
-Cities, and urban zones in general.
- Trouble
- Wacian-he’s strange..

Today, both Donovan and Kohaku attend the same class at Iwotodai Academy. They have a few friends in common. At the MMO, Donovan plays the Tiefling Paladin, Stormageddon (Stormy for friends) and Kohaku, his girlfriend Plays a Rogue.

“Stormy” after being created in Project Arcana ( MMO )



Donovan Griph

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