Furuichi Miyura


Name: Furuichi Miyura
Age: 18
Class: 3-C
Club: Computers


Apart from the Principal, no one is believed to know Furuichi’s face. Labeled a genius from a young age, he’s one of the special cases of Iwotodai Academy. He somehow always delivers his essays on time, and somehow always delivers his exams.

He lives in the dorms, along with some of the more popular students in Iwotodai, but he has never been seen leaving his room. And he often communicates with others via text messages or computer.

Despite Shima, Makoto and Xiao’s best efforts, none of them have been able to break into his room for a peek.

According to Matsumoto’s intel, not only did he enroll in Iwotodai with top scores for his freshman year, but he’s also done some small projects for Siren Corp.

He has an A.I answering the door to his room, called Sistine.

Furuichi Miyura

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