Hitomi Sakurai


Name: Hitomi Sakurai
Age: 17
Statistics: 161cm tall / 49kg / 90-57-85.
Class: 2-C
Club: Karate
Roommate: Lidiya Saotome
Project Arcana Game-Handle: Rin (half-elf monk)



Born from a German mother and Japanese father, Hitomi has a more Western appearance than Eastern, overall: she has blue eyes and shoulder-length brunette hair, which is styled with long straight-bangs and a front fringe. While her appearance may lead others to see her as a foreigner at times, she is actually acclimated more into the Japanese lifestyle than that of the German: She was raised by her father for most of her childhood, while her mother spends most of her time in Europe due to her professional career, as CEO of a German advertising agency.

Hitomi is a very friendly, cheerful, and energetic girl, but is also a hard-working martial artist. She always fights fairly in a match, as doing otherwise would bring shame to her name, her martial art, and her father’s dojo. She is also fair in her dealings with others, treating everybody equally and respectfully. She will, however, defend others who are being treated harshly.

Grasping an opportunity to enter Iwotodai Academy, Hitomi left her home in mainland Japan to pursue her studies. She’s currently staying at the school’s dorms, while receiving weekly deposits from her mother to cover her living expenses.

Hitomi Sakurai

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