Lidiya Saotome


Name: Lidiya Saotome
Age: 14
Class: 1-A
Roommate: Hitomi Sakurai
Project Arcana Game-Handle: Kud (Lvl 7 Kitsune Celestial Sorceress)



Lidiya is a prodigy. She was allowed to skip a few years because of her academic achievements, which pretty much made her the mascot of her class.

She’s a little clumsy and, while she’s a prodigy, her English isn’t the best, and while she sometimes avoids using it, she often tries to slip it mid-sentence for practice.

Born in Russia, Lidiya came to her father’s home-land very young. She now lives at the dorm, since her mother had to go back to Russia because of her job.

Lidiya is always in high spirits and while she’s not in any particular club yet, she’s happy to help around her friends with their club duties, and gets to try a bit of everything.

Lidiya Saotome

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