Wacian (Watchful) Knight

Wacian have white skin, deep grey eyes, short blond hair and slim constitution. For a strange reason he fells small presences (ghosts, spirits), which the reason is unknown on the moment.


Age: 17
Occupation: student
Old Residence: samll village Saxton
Religion: Wicca
Hero: Dedicated
Club: Literature


During his childhood his mother was his instrument of knowledge. He learned some esoteric arts (palm and card reading, tasseography), alchemy in general, and traditions from his village (wiccan rituals and festivals). Also, Wacian has always felt he had the company of one spirit, his mother told him is possible, due to being the important ancestor Aubree. But years later his parents died of illness, leaving him in the hands of a trusted family.

When Wacian grown, he moved away from the village of Saxton to London with the same family, to study specifically folklore. He took some money to travel to Japan to continuing his studies. He is living at the moment in the school dormitory. He also found a job on a super-market where he organize food on shelves. He is helping priests of a shrine at mornings.

In MMO he plays as a shaman gnome of the name Mannix.

Wacian is a religious person, he doesn’t reject science yet, he thinks science have to explain some super natural things. He likes to discuss with other religious and non religious people, what he doesn’t like is to be forced on a philosophy.
He likes to communicate with people, yet he prefers a small group than a large group of friends. He’s a child looking always for learn more, even if that means bordering a person to exaction. He’s direct not hiding nothing, however sometimes he can be cold because of the things he says.

Wacian (Watchful) Knight

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