Xiaoyu Lo-Wong


Name: Xiaoyu Lo-Wong
Age: 16
Class: 1-B
Club: Anime/Manga


Xiaoyu is a first year with energy to spare, coupled with enthusiasm about drawing. A honest and rather emotional person, she’s often in good spirits and zooming about.

Her japanese is pretty good, she moved into town a few years ago with her parents from Beijing, her love for anime and manga helped her learn the language in a record time. She decided to move into the dorms so she could turn her room into a small office for her hobby.

She’s one of the three people hell-bent on seeing Furuichi’s face.

Outside her school activities, Xiaoyu can be found either helping out at a near-by restaurant called “Leaping Chow” or practicing her kung-fu.

Her main strengths are her Kung-fu, her drawing skills and something she learned from her grandmother, traditional fan dancing.

Xiaoyu Lo-Wong

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