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Some of the main information about the campaign will be kept here, like maps, places of interest and any notes the players want kept.

Iwotodai Island

While still part of Japan, Iwotodai Island has a status not too different from such cities as Hong Kong or Shanghai, in the sense that it has an incredible amount of freedom to rule itself, while still answering to its country on certain subjects.

Iwotodai is rather large, housing roughly 11million people. While it has a few high-schools and a University, Iwotodai Academy remains the top choice for high-schoolers.

Iwotodai’s public transports are second to none. It has an effective and extremely efficient train network, which students can use for free by showing their student cards and ID. Its bus and taxi networks also cover the whole island. Buses run all day, trains go from 6am to 1 am. Crossing Iwotodai from end-to-end by train takes roughly between forty minutes to an hour.

Iwotodai can be split into a few key areas:

Until a proper map is made, let us use these as references.

7 8 9…………S/W…A/C…C
4 5 6……………E…..B/C…B
1 2 3…………E/R…….R….R

Residential District ( R ): While you can find some luxury apartments and suites in the business district, as well as houses and apartment buildings a bit all over the island, the residential district is located in area 2, sprawling into areas 1 and 3. Most houses are arranged in small blocks of 4 or 6 houses, though most apartment complexes are situated in 3.

Iwotodai Shrine and Woods ( S/W ): Iwotodai’s Shrine is said to be as old as the island itself, the Ozomi family being their caretakers since most people can remember. It’s situated in the border between the woods and the city of Iwotodai. Iwotodai’s woods are often chosen to hold festivals and some leisure trips, though the deeper parts of the woods are often not advisable. Some remnants of ancient villages can be found not far from the shrine, leading deeper into the woods themselves. One of the old radio towers in the island can be found somewhere deep in the woods, it’s thought to have been built during one of the great wars.

Business District ( B ): Sprawling from area 5 to 6, the business district holds most of the jobs in Iwotodai, as well as Iwotodai’s Central Hospital (other smaller hospitals can still be found in areas 4, 5, and 9). These districts hold all sorts of companies, especially Siren, the company behind the massive MMO hit, Project Arcana. In area 6 Iwotodai finds its main port. In-between areas 5 and 6, one can also find Iwotodai’s more “adult-oriented” district.

Commercial/Shopping District ( C ): Iwotodai’s massive commercial district holds a huge shopping-center, as well most electronics stores, cafes, restaurants, libraries, etc. While it’s centered in area 9, it sprawls to areas 8, where Iwotodai Academy and its dorms are located, and area 5.

Entertainment District ( E ): Iwotodai’s entertainment district is where you can find most cinemas, arcades, and generally a way to always kill some time. It also houses Iwotodai’s largest beach.

While the academy enforces uniforms and has some strict rules, it also allows students to take some liberties with their appearance, as long as it’s within acceptable grounds. Hair dyes and such are often allowed, and small details like not wearing your uniform formally, allowing you to leave your tie at home and such are overlooked.

As for Siren Corp. This powerhouse began to grow with the launch of their MMO, Project Arcana. Revolutionising the gaming industry, by completely immersing its players in the game, this was but the first area where Siren Corp took over. The corporation dipped into other fields, and it’s one of the major laboratories in the world by now. Siren Corp is the main reason why Iwotodai is nearly a country within a country.

Iwotodai School-grounds

Here’s a map of the school-grounds for the school. The map will be available for GameTable as well, but a proper image will be held here for quick reference. Some room names are hard to read because they got overlapped in the image, but they’re easily read in the map itself. Thanks to DGC for his help with the map



Money will be earned in various ways. From allowances, to part-time jobs, etc.
Prices will be as close to the real thing as possible. Meal-wise, the academy provides lunch for free and it also has a bar that can sell other goods, including certain *cough*legendary*cough* sandwiches. ANYPRICE, dinner, and meals on weekends, are the students’ responsability. Depending on the character’s bio and whether they’re staying at the dorms, family, or by themselves, this may or may not be a problem. The rule in the dorms is that each person takes a turn preparing dinner, so if a student is sleeping at the dorms, they’ll only have to buy dinner once in a while, but it’ll have to cover for plenty of people.

Example Prices:

Big Wac: 270
Cornflakes: 300
1 litre orange juice (from concentrate): 180
Starbucks short Cappuccino: 300
10 eggs: 250
450g Spaghetti: 300
1 Kg flour: 200
1 litre milk 190
Coke: 120
Heineken Beer: 220
20 Cigarettes: 290
Multi vitamins (60 tablets): 1695
Typical mobile phone bill: 5000 basic charges
4 Gillette disposable razors: 330
Pack of 8 rolls toilet paper: 450
Toothbrush: 100

School Term

1st semester 7/4 to 20/7
Summer Vacation 21/7 to 31/8
2nd semester 1/9 to 23/12
Winter Vacation 24/12 to 7/1
3rd semester 8/1 to 25/3
Spring Vaction 26/3 to 6/4

Project Arcana Races

Human, Elf, Half-elf, Half-orc, Dwarf, Gnome, Catfolk, Dhampir, Goblin, Tengu, Tiefling, Kitsune, Orc

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